Fun Summer Time at Orlando, Florida

Done with my extended trip for holiday in New York and Washington DC, I flew to Orlando, Florida for the real things. Yeah, the main purpose I came to United States is to join a yearly conference held by the company that I work on. So, basically it was a business trip, but I managed to get 1-2 days free time on weekend to hang out around the heart of Florida, before a whole week of conference in the upcoming week. Spending just 1-2 days didn’t stop me to have a lot of fun! Summer is the best time to be spent at Orlando, which is famous with its never ending amusement parks.


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One Day at Washington DC

From New York City, I took a bus trip for 5 hours on my 3rd night at United States to go to the capital city – Washington DC. A very different city with different ambiance and surroundings from the NYC. DC is quieter, full with government buildings, offices and free-entrance museums with great architectures, no billboards, and a lot of park and open spaces. This is the place where people strolling around the city in such a hot and humid weather (I was there last July 2016 on summer time) wearing a complete business suites with tie and formal blazer. It looks cool though.


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New York, A City of Dream

Everyone deserves New York at some point of their life. I think everyone does. Strolling around the infamous Times Square of New York City at one summer night was a bliss. It was just 4 hours since I stepped down the United States ground after 21 hours of flight last July, but I felt fully recharged realizing that one more of my dream comes true. Those shining lights, sparkling billboards, and thousands of people energized you. It literally defines what people called as ‘city that never sleeps.’ I was super excited knowing that it was just the start, while I would have 3 more days to explore this city of dream.


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We are living in a world where common sense is no longer common,

where people defend their religion more than humanity,

where people blinded by their own interests more than other well-beings,

where people judge others by physical appearance more than their true characters…


where money, power, and positions are more important than love, family, and relationships…


where people are busy envying others’ life which can be seen from the window of social media instead of being grateful of the abundance that they have,

where people feeling proud of their success by celebrating on others’ failings,

where being sane and righteous will make you look weird and stupid.

What a crazy world we are living.

Belitung, An Enchanting Island (Part 1)

It’s always been my desire to bring my family to a vacation as a simple gesture of my gratitude towards them. I’ve been growing up witnessing all of my parents’ struggles and sacrifices for my sister and I. I am fully aware that nothing we can do to repay their kindness, but at least, I wanna do something to make them happy and proud. God answered my every-night-prayers. On May 2016, I had the opportunity to bring my whole family to a simple vacation and Belitung Island was chosen as our destination. That was such a short, yet meaningful trip. I’ve got the chance to have a real quality time with my family.


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Siem Reap, the Ancient City

Last year, I’ve got the chance to visit one of the most ancient city in the world: Siem Reap, Cambodia. I went there for a business purpose and didn’t get much excited at first because Cambodia was never been in my wishlist when talking about travel destinations that I want to visit. However, after two and a half days spent there (mostly for business meetings and sneakingly made the most of the rest of time to go around the town), this city left such a great impression to me that I wouldn’t mind to go back there again someday!


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