We are living in a world where common sense is no longer common,

where people defend their religion more than humanity,

where people blinded by their own interests more than other well-beings,

where people judge others by physical appearance more than their true characters…


where money, power, and positions are more important than love, family, and relationships…


where people are busy envying others’ life which can be seen from the window of social media instead of being grateful of the abundance that they have,

where people feeling proud of their success by celebrating on others’ failings,

where being sane and righteous will make you look weird and stupid.

What a crazy world we are living.


2016 Resolutions

How many of us made some resolutions in the beginning of New Year, but failed to accomplished many of them at the end of the year? It happens to me most of the time too. Maybe, we just need to do something differently this time.

After all, I still think that making resolutions or something that I want to accomplish at the end of the year is very important thing to do. It makes me to be able to really focus on what should I do and prioritize during the whole year and gets less-distracted on any other things that come up along the way.

If all this time you have been struggling (like me) to make your resolutions into reality at the end of the year, maybe we need a different strategy that can keep us ‘on-track’ with our commitments on our resolutions. What I do this year was: involving other people in my resolutions!

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Welcoming 2016!

31.12.2015 10:16PM is the time when I started to write this post. Yes, I’m on the very edge of 2015. While people spending time outside counting down to New Year, I choose to be at home doing something that I like the most: WRITING. I can write anywhere and here I am now writing on my blog. A whole new blog.

Let me share with you a bit of reason why I decided to start a new blog after a long hiatus (of writing, not only blogging). I was an active writer before on my previous blog, yet I’ve been so indecisive on what will be the focus of my blog. It was quite a mess since I was being inconsistent about what I wrote and shared in that blog. Therefore, I decided to start a new one.

2015 has been an amazing year for me. I hope it is for you too. It was an exciting year since it can be considered as the time where I have experienced so many new things for the first time.


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