Weekend Getaway at Puncak, Bogor

Have you every heard people complaining on social media on how bad the traffic in Jakarta is, every long weekend? Especially those routes to other neighbor cities surrounding Jakarta, like Bandung, Bogor, or Puncak. Well, those people are maybe just like me, who sometimes got sick spending long weekend in Jakarta. In which, what you can do is literally just going to the malls, watching movies, eating out, etc. Sooo boring! It was just one of those week, which I felt like going somewhere to spend the long weekend outside Jakarta. My friends and I decided to have a short weekend getaway in Puncak, Bogor. Sounds common? Well, yes indeed. But actually, it’s still better than going to the malls, isn’t it? There are several things you can do for weekend getaway there.

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Derawan Islands, the Gem of Borneo

People might crave for sea vitamins once in a while. After my last trip to Belitung, I had never been to any other beach or sea. It made me say “yes” right away, when my cousins asked me to join an open trip to Derawan Islands at the end of 2016. People said, the more you go to the eastern part of Indonesia, the more beautiful beaches you could find. Derawan Islands is located at Berau, the province of East Kalimantan. Celebes Sea or Sulawesi sea spread across the area, and yes, it is indeed beautiful. The uniqueness of this Derawan trip is that you got to visit each islands which offers different views, different charms, and different activities that you can do there. Eager to know more what’s in the Maldives of Indonesia? It’s gonna be a long post, but stay tune!


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Glamping at Gunung Pancar

Have you ever got sick of being a mall-rat, jumping from one mall to another during the weekends? Getting trapped in a heavy traffic jam and being surrounded by heaps of crowds in the mainstream routines by most of Jakartans? For an introvert like me, it’s surely far away from any comfort. Many times I got bored and sick, to the point I prefer spending my weekends at home, doing something that I enjoy the most.

Luckily, I have this bunch of people who felt the same way and wanted any other alternatives to spend our weekend in a fun way. We decided to go Glamping at Gunung Pancar Sentul.

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