Derawan Islands, the Gem of Borneo

People might crave for sea vitamins once in a while. After my last trip to Belitung, I had never been to any other beach or sea. It made me say “yes” right away, when my cousins asked me to join an open trip to Derawan Islands at the end of 2016. People said, the more you go to the eastern part of Indonesia, the more beautiful beaches you could find. Derawan Islands is located at Berau, the province of East Kalimantan. Celebes Sea or Sulawesi sea spread across the area, and yes, it is indeed beautiful. The uniqueness of this Derawan trip is that you got to visit each islands which offers different views, different charms, and different activities that you can do there. Eager to know more what’s in the Maldives of Indonesia? It’s gonna be a long post, but stay tune!


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