Fun Summer Time at Orlando, Florida

Done with my extended trip for holiday in New York and Washington DC, I flew to Orlando, Florida for the real things. Yeah, the main purpose I came to United States is to join a yearly conference held by the company that I work on. So, basically it was a business trip, but I managed to get 1-2 days free time on weekend to hang out around the heart of Florida, before a whole week of conference in the upcoming week. Spending just 1-2 days didn’t stop me to have a lot of fun! Summer is the best time to be spent at Orlando, which is famous with its never ending amusement parks.


Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

We arrived at Orlando International Airport on Saturday around 3pm. We stayed at a small inn, called Rodeway Inn Maingate on the first night since we came 1 day earlier than our business trip period. It was a nice and affordable inn which costs us for only $50/ night. The moment we checked in to the inn, we were completely exhausted. We spent the first night sleeping like nobody else does, totally forgotten about dinner and stuffs. We woke up early in the morning, caught our Uber and went straight to the hotel where we would stay for the whole one week during our business trip. It was pretty special because we, all the millennial, got to stay at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, separated from the (let’s called ’em) adults which stayed in another hotel. This hotel felt special since it’s located in Disneyland area. We could just catch a shuttle bus to go to any of Disney’s theme parks in Orlando.


Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

What else to say more about Disneyland? I guess everyone agrees that it’s a magical place that everybody dreams about. Orlando is famous with its theme parks. It is one of that place which has complete Disney theme parks, from the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, until its water parks – the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. As a first timer, I choose Magic Kingdom. If you’re into scary rides like me, Disneyland might not be the best place for you. However, it’s a great place which is enough to help you reminiscing your childhood dreams. We spent literally the whole day here! And thanks to the nice weather on summer time, we’ve had a lot of fun. I say it again, what else to say more about Disneyland? Let the pictures talk about it.

PS: I bought the ticket online to avoid long queue on the park. You can simply buy one-day pass here. Since it was summer, the prices was a bit higher than usual. It costs us $128 for the whole day pass to Magic Kingdom.


A real thing about a childhood dream right before my eyes. This little kid had the most heartwarming and cute conversation with the Rapunzel. She thought she was the real Rapunzel. πŸ™‚


Of course, a Minnie head-band when you’re here!



Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventures

It was actually not part of our extended holiday trip. It was part of the conference for all the ‘millennial.’ :p We went there on the afternoon and we’ve only got around 4-5 hours time to explore the whole theme park. It was really fortunate for us since the company gave us a VIP pass to avoid long queue in most of the rides. We’ve got to choose between Universal Studio Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventures. We decided to choose Islands of Adventures because of (of course) its The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Hogsmeade, which is the newest one compared to the Diagon Alley in another park. We queue for around 30 mins for this certain rides because it wasn’t included in the list of rides where we can use our VIP pass. However, it was all worth it. Like, literally. I want to ride the Hogsmeade again and again. Though it was only a short time, but I had a great time there. I think it was much more fun compared with Disneyland and all the rides are also super exciting! I only wish that we’ve got more time to explore this place!


The Butterbeer!



Orlando International Vineland and Premium Outlets

I think it’s okay to be impulsive sometimes, especially when you are at the United States. Beside theme parks, one of the most must-visit place in Orlando is… its outlets! There are two big outlets here, which are: the Orlando International Vineland Outlet and the Orlando International Premium Outlet. Vineland is the smaller one which is located closer to our hotel, while the other one – the Premium Outlet is slightly bigger and located at the International Drive road. There was one of the biggest Target store located near the Premium outlet. Some people have their own preference. I personally prefers the Vineland one since it’s not too big but has much better brands in place. Make sure you have a great self-control when decided to visit these places, because both places are crazy! All the brands literally sells everything in much cheaper price compared to in Indonesia where you can get all the Coach, Michael Kors, or Tory Burch bags with only $99 to $300. I’ve got my self a Kate Spade wallet and Fossil watch. Don’t worry, I’m still able to control myself though and not being too crazy-impulsive like most of people did. πŸ™‚

orlando-international-premium-outletsorlando-premium-outlets-02Orlando Premium Outlets Vineland Ave.

Orlando Premium Outlets International Drive.
All of these outlets pics are from Google. Who cares to take pictures when you’ve got all you need to go shopping and around? :p

Red Lobster Restaurant

Orlando has many great restaurants with various kind of cuisines. The kind of American breakfast restaurant to Italian cuisine. From fancy restaurant to high-carbs fast foods. When you are there, one of the must-try restaurant is this Red Lobster Restaurant. I think it is a chain located in many states in US, but I’ve got to try one here in Orlando. This restaurant serves fresh seafood and live huge lobsters. It’s located just nearby the conference venue and the Hyatt Regency Hotel where all the other colleagues stayed. I had gone there twice during from the whole week, because the foods are just too good! I tried another famous seafood restaurant in Seattle (I’m gonna feature this in my next post), but it doesn’t as good as this one.


Look at that Hulk!


As a bonus, some fun pictures from the conference and its party… πŸ™‚


The conference.


Met too many great people there!


Work hard, play hard. It’s party time! πŸ™‚


Yes, Justin Timberlake!

Instead of lucky, I would say I’m favored… to be able to experience all of these things. Indeed, a fun summer time at Orlando. Hopefully I would be able to go back someday.

PS: All of the photos are personal archive, taken my iPhone and Ratih’s Sony Alpha 5100 – unless otherwise stated.

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