A Homey Seattle

“So, where will you go next after here and Orlando?” A shopkeeper at Georgetown, Washington DC, asked me after we talked about the (my) trip there to US. Remember when I said that almost all of the shopkeepers in Georgetown were ultimately friendly?

“Not much. I’ll go to Seattle after the Orlando trip,” I said, putting back the bag I just looked around back to the display rack.

“Oh, wow! You’re going to west coast?” He widened his eyes. I looked at him, a bit surprised and confused seeing his excessive response. “That is totally awesome! People said west coast, especially Seattle is really nice. I, myself, have never got the chance to be there. It’s too far away from here,” he continued.

This time, I widened my eyes. Felt a bit surprised again as I thought that most of Americans must have been going to visit almost every states of their country. At least, Seattle, a seaport city at the west coast. Turns out, I’m just that fortunate to be able to visit a couple of states in US on my first visit there, while their very own residents didn’t always have the chance to visit other states.


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Fun Summer Time at Orlando, Florida

Done with my extended trip for holiday in New York and Washington DC, I flew to Orlando, Florida for the real things. Yeah, the main purpose I came to United States is to join a yearly conference held by the company that I work on. So, basically it was a business trip, but I managed to get 1-2 days free time on weekend to hang out around the heart of Florida, before a whole week of conference in the upcoming week. Spending just 1-2 days didn’t stop me to have a lot of fun! Summer is the best time to be spent at Orlando, which is famous with its never ending amusement parks.


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One Day at Washington DC

From New York City, I took a bus trip for 5 hours on my 3rd night at United States to go to the capital city – Washington DC. A very different city with different ambiance and surroundings from the NYC. DC is quieter, full with government buildings, offices and free-entrance museums with great architectures, no billboards, and a lot of park and open spaces. This is the place where people strolling around the city in such a hot and humid weather (I was there last July 2016 on summer time) wearing a complete business suites with tie and formal blazer. It looks cool though.


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