Belitung, An Enchanting Island (Part 1)

It’s always been my desire to bring my family to a vacation as a simple gesture of my gratitude towards them. I’ve been growing up witnessing all of my parents’ struggles and sacrifices for my sister and I. I am fully aware that nothing we can do to repay their kindness, but at least, I wanna do something to make them happy and proud. God answered my every-night-prayers. On May 2016, I had the opportunity to bring my whole family to a simple vacation and Belitung Island was chosen as our destination. That was such a short, yet meaningful trip. I’ve got the chance to have a real quality time with my family.


Belitung Island was chosen after I had a catch-up with one of my former manager in the office who just had a trip there with his family. Looking at all of the trip photos in his Facebook, it seems so fun. So, I decided to go there. I got the reference of the host or tour guide from his as well. It is very fortunate of us because the guy was very nice and kind.

My parents traveled all the way from my hometown for 5 hours by train to Jakarta before we flew to H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin Airport in Tanjung Pandan early in the morning. It took only 45 mins flight from Jakarta to there. I have my love at the first sight with one thing about this island before sea: Its SKY! Ever since we were just about to landed from the plane.


When we landed at the airport, our host already stood by to pick us up. We arrived there at around 8am in the morning. First thing first, he brought the four of us to a must-visit restaurant in Belitung, which is MIE BELITUNG ATEP which serves a local special noodle from the town.


Then, we went to our hotel which is located right across Tanjung Pendang Beach, one of the signature place in the area, located in Belitung Barat. It was such a surprise to me because our host placed us in Grand Hatika Hotel, a four-stars hotel in Belitung, which we supposed to stay at a smaller and simpler hotel when I first had agreement of the tour rates with the host. However, that was the very nice of him to let us stay in a much decent place with the same price. We strolled around Tanjung Pendang Beach and had coffee time there before continuing our agenda that day to Belitung Timur.



On the first day, we drove for around 2 hours to Belitung Timur (East Belitung), where the most of movie scene of the infamous Laskar Pelangi movie are located. Not like Belitung Barat (West Belitung) which consist a lot of beach and sea, in Belitung Timur we can see many local cultural spots, such as the oldest elementary school from Laskar Pelangi, Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, and Kampung Ahok.

SD Muhammadiyah Gantong

Again, the highlight of Belitung, its SKY.






Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Bear with me for a bunch of photos. I really love and enjoyed to be in this place.










Kampung Ahok

Belitung is also known as the hometown of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the Jakarta’s phenomenal governor, or also well-known as Ahok. Kampung Ahok is basically just where Ahok’s childhood house is located.



Belitung Timur is interesting, yet the weather was super hot and humid. The city is very calm. There is no many people strolling around the street, neither the cars. After spending half of the day there, we went back to Belitung Barat.

On our way back, we found this paradise kind of place. You know it is a very beautiful place when you can find a random place like this, which is not even a tourism spot.



We had a good rest for a couple of hours at the hotel, then we were out to have dinner. Our host drove us to another local authentic restaurant which serves good foods which thankfully suits to my dad’s taste. Why my dad? Because he is the most picky eater I’ve ever known (which is at some points good for his health).





That was our first day in Belitung which is quite fun! Looking forward for the island adventures in the next day.

To be continued.




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"Perhaps, then, this was what travelling was, an exploration of the deserts of my mind rather than of those surrounding me?" - Claude Levi-Strauss

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