Midnight Trip to Mount Bromo

Are you a mountain or beach person? As for me, I do enjoy to cluster in a quiet mountain escaping from the buzz of everyday life, better than go to beaches which are typically noisier filled with a bunch of people. Therefore, one of the highlight of my travel during 2015 was when visiting Mount Bromo, an active volcano which is also one of the most popular tourist haunts in East Java, Indonesia. When looking for destination, one-minute Bing-ing the images of Mount Bromo was enough for me to decide that I would definitely go there.

If you don’t have much time for the trip, it doesn’t matter because this whole trip to Bromo only requires one night and a half day. Yet, I could say that this was one of the most satisfying trip I’ve ever been to. Unless, you want to hike a little bit more and explore more areas around Bromo which are also very well-known as a tourist/ climbers destination, you might need to spare your time longer.

Since it is called as a ‘Midnight Trip’, we had a midnight departure. We were picked up at 11PM by the driver of our tour agent at our hotel in Surabaya and drove in comfort for around 3 hours up to Cemoro Lawang Village, where we switched to an (I could say…) adventurous jeep trip to the Climbing Area (Area Penanjakan) of Mount Bromo. If you need to rest, I suggest you to take a rest in your way from Surabaya before switching to this crazy jeep trip because when you are on it, all you could do was praying that the driver wouldn’t crash and you would be safe to the destination, with your hands clutching to the handler of the car to keep your balance. With all of those bumpy and rocky roads, or even the rustlings sands in the darkness with very limited sights and the deep ravines with no end yawning in your left, this crazy jeep driving at 3 freakin’ AM in the morning was one of most attractive charm of this trip. I even saw some people who went up by motorcycle. Crazy. Just crazy.

We finally could relieve ourselves when we arrived at the top near the sunrise viewpoint at 4.30AM, feeling excited to the fact that we were soon going to see one of the most-wanted sunrise in Indonesia. Here, at the top of Mount Bromo. We visited one small stall and took a sip of a hot coffee to warm ourselves up in the midst of crazy coldness that bite to our bones. I guessed the temperature there was up to 5 degrees of Celsius. A couple of minutes later, we hiked a little bit more to the Sunrise Viewpoint. One sleepless night with all of the sore, pain, and worries along the way was paid-off. Very well paid-off, when we got this…



That was the very first time in vacation that I didn’t feel bothered by the presence of the crowds which were competing to get the best spot to take pictures, because I was just too hooked up with the view.




When the sun was completely up, we went back to our jeep and drove to the Telletubies Savanna (don’t ask me why it has to be named like that). We skipped the trip to Bromo Crater which could be reached by walking or riding horse (this should be included in the midnight tour package). We were too tired (or just lazy) to do that and went straight to Telletubies Savanna. This was not a totally perfect trip for us because the sky was too foggy and cloudy when we were in that meadow so that we could barely enjoy the view and take a good picture.


Didn’t want to be caught up too long in our disappointment, we continued our journey. What we got after that was enough to make us forget about the foggy and cloudy view in the savanna. The ‘Sands of Sea’ or very well-known to be called as the ‘Whispering Sands’ or Pasir Berbisik was one of the most magical landscape in Indonesia. It was just… amazing! I couldn’t find better words to describe it.









We all passed out in our way back to Surabaya, yet with a happy and contained feeling after such an amazing trip. If I could turn back the time, what I want to do is probably to bring a better camera because all the pictures above were actually taken by our phone. I would definitely come back next time, probably staying longer and explore more around this area, such as Madakaripura Waterfall (Air Terjun Madakaripura) or climbing Mount Semeru and visiting Ranu Kumbolo. Yes, one of my biggest dream is to be able to climb to the highest mountains in Indonesia, such as Mount Semeru or Mount Rinjani! Of course, I realized how hard it is, that’s why I need to be ready first to climb up. *rolling sleeves*

For this Bromo trip, I took Rifa Tour as my tour agent. It didn’t cost us too much, only around IDR 500K / USD 40 per person for the whole trip. It depends on the package that you choose though; the more, the merrier, the cheaper. A little tips when you are arranging the trip with the tour agent, don’t feel bad to negotiate the price. It was not as hard as you think to get a cheaper price for this trip. 🙂

See you in the next journey!

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"Perhaps, then, this was what travelling was, an exploration of the deserts of my mind rather than of those surrounding me?" - Claude Levi-Strauss

One thought on “Midnight Trip to Mount Bromo

  1. Hello,
    I love your post coz u give me an insight of what to be expected in the trip to bromo! Thank you for sharing♡

    I want to do this trip to on April 2019 and also with rifa tour. Is rifa tour one of the top tour in bromo? Is it a right decision to make?

    Thank you so much!!


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