2016 Resolutions

How many of us made some resolutions in the beginning of New Year, but failed to accomplished many of them at the end of the year? It happens to me most of the time too. Maybe, we just need to do something differently this time.

After all, I still think that making resolutions or something that I want to accomplish at the end of the year is very important thing to do. It makes me to be able to really focus on what should I do and prioritize during the whole year and gets less-distracted on any other things that come up along the way.

If all this time you have been struggling (like me) to make your resolutions into reality at the end of the year, maybe we need a different strategy that can keep us ‘on-track’ with our commitments on our resolutions. What I do this year was: involving other people in my resolutions!

Many people are afraid to let other people know about their resolutions. Mostly because they are afraid not to committed enough’ on doing the resolutions and don’t want to be judged because of that. But hey, who knows that maybe, by involving other people in your resolutions and let the world knows it would be the effective way to ‘force’ you to stay committed on your resolutions? At least, you will have those people who will continuously remind you about this. Ain’t that pretty much a help?

This is what I did this year with my fellows MACHs. Seems like, it is our annual routine every end of year, to have a gathering and sharing each other’s accomplishments this year and also resolutions for next year. Everyone also willingly tell each other to remind themselves, if they are starting to get swayed along the way. You can do it with your other friends, family, or community that you trust and can be supportive and constructive for you too.



So, here are My 2016 Resolutions:

Lose Weight!

This has been my annual resolution that I have never really accomplished. I had always have problem with my weight since I was kid. It’s not like I’m not happy with how I am right now, but it will be great if I can lose some weights and live a healthier life from now. My target is 15 kilograms from my current weight. Fighting! *grin*

Live A Healthier Life

I have never been a picky eater. Meaning that, I eat literally everything! Seeing some of my relatives which have been eating healthier than me got sick all of sudden makes me realize that what we eat and our habits are definitely very serious and crucial to determine our health condition now and in the future. So, I commit to be more (probably not picky) considerate of what will I eat. I will also try to hit the gym for at least, twice in a week! Wish me luck!

Level Up in Career

One of my biggest accomplishment after graduating from university is being able to work at Microsoft, an awesome company which gave me a bunch of learning, experiences, and chances to meet awesome people whom I could learn from. I will surely work my best to accomplish my personal target in terms of my career here. *finger-crossed*

Better Financial Management

One room for improvement I have for myself in 2015 was to have a better financial management. I think I have been to ‘easy’ to myself when it comes to spending. I just buy and spend the way I like. It wasn’t good at all. So, here I am ready to plan and manage my finance well. Hey, the fact is… I’ve been starting doing it by making a personal financial plan & expense report since two weeks ago, and it went pretty well. Keep up the good work!

Pay Holiday Abroad for My Family

It’s time to give back to my beloved ones. I will never be here if it’s not because of them. The first thing I want to do after got enough money from my savings is not to go travelling by myself, yet I want to bring my family to a holiday abroad. Something that can be considered as a luxury for them. It’s not that they couldn’t afford it, but because my parents choose to spend the money they have for something that they think more important, such as for me and my sister’s education & life. Therefore, it’s time for me to give back. Just wait a little longer, Ma, Pa! 🙂

Travel More!

I promise myself to visit at least 3 new countries and some other new places in Indonesia in 2016. Too much? Hopefully not. It’s never a waste of time and money when it comes to travelling. This is the only way you can open new doors and get the chance to meet new people to broaden your perspectives.

New Habit

Related with my previous post, I commit myself to spend at least 1 hour/ day to learn something new. It can be by reading more books, articles, or journals that can be useful for my knowledge and development; or joining any courses or communities that can enhance my soft/hard skills for my personal development. Learn, learn, and learn!

Add (at least) One New Skill

It can be either mastering Korean language, cooking & baking, or driving! And of course, keep enhancing my writing skill.

Be More Confident & Think Positively

Another room for improvement for myself is that I’ve been underestimating myself too often, and being not-so-confident with myself. I fear so many things and being anxious of a lot of things. It’s not good, I know. Therefore, I want to start to throw a ‘positive mantra’ towards myself and be more confident about it.

Spend More Time with Family

As many of you have probably know, I have been living away from home since I was in Senior High School. I get used to live independently, far away from my parents who live in my hometown. Long distance, added with a bunch of routines that I have to do after I started working, made me communicate less with them. One day, I went back home and saw their face, and I got sad all of sudden after realizing how they are really getting old compared to the last time I met them. They are still the same Mom and Dad that I love, only with more wrinkles, a bit forgetful, and starting to look tired and all. I want to make more time to communicate with them this year, even though it’s just through phone/ chats.

No body ever dies wishing they had worked more… Work hard, but don’t prioritize work over family, friends, or even yourself.


It is my personal resolution in terms of my relationship with God. 🙂


Let’s do the best and cheers for a brighter 2016!

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"Perhaps, then, this was what travelling was, an exploration of the deserts of my mind rather than of those surrounding me?" - Claude Levi-Strauss

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